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Spays & Neuters


At Beatie Animal Clinic, we understand you have a choice in who you select to perform surgery on your pet.  In an effort to better serve you and your pet, we are now offering base price spays and neuters along with optional services and products that can be added at your discretion.


Base Price
Canine (0-34 lbs)                       $137.76
Canine (35-44 lbs)                    $144.46
Canine (45-54 lbs)                     $148.92
Canine (55-64 lbs)                     $154.50
Canine (65-74 lbs)                     $164.08
Canine (75-84 lbs)                     $167.42
Canine (85-94 lbs)                     $187.24
Canine (95-104 lbs)                  $197.24



Base Price
Canine (0-34 lbs)                          $129.76
Canine (35-44 lbs)                       $136.46
Canine (45-54 lbs)                       $140.92
Canine (55-64 lbs)                       $146.50
Canine (65-74 lbs)                       $164.08
Canine (75-84 lbs)                       $167.42
Canine (85-94 lbs)                       $175.24
Canine (95-104 lbs)                    $187.24


Base Price
Feline                                               $  87.50



Base Price
Feline                                               $  77.50

Optional Surgical Services & Products

Included in the base price:  pre-op care and procedures, surgical supplies and materials, a pain management injection to keep your pet comfortable for the first 24 hours following the surgery, anesthesia to keep your pet comfortable throughout the surgical process and post-op care and procedures. Additionally, the base price includes the removal of any sutures, if applicable.  Suture removal is typically 7-10 days after surgery and can be scheduled at your convenience. The cost of the pain management injection varies based on your pet's weight.  

Dr. Beatie strongly recommends pre-anesthetic blood testing to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the surgery. The first test is a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to determine your pet is not anemic, does not have an infection and that your pet’s blood will clot appropriately. The second blood test is a Serum Chemistry to determine the health of major organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.). You may elect to not have these  tests  completed if your pet is not 6 years of age and older; however, we will ask you to sign a release of liability form. A CBC costs $47.56 and a Serum Chemistry costs $93.42. If your pet is 6 years of age and older, a Complete Blood Count and Serum Chemistry will be required before surgery is begun.

Dr. Beatie also offers surgery using laser technology. Using a laser rather than a scalpel dramatically decreases healing time for your pet. He offers this service at a cost of $38.00.

Finally, your pet might benefit from pain management medication to go home after surgery. The medication can be given in the days following surgery, as needed. The cost of pain management home varies based on your pet’s weight. 

Our front staff can be reached at 912-368-4080 and will be happy to discuss all services and products available for you pet's spay or neuter and to schedule the surgery at your convenience.

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